My Doggieville Story

teddy, goldendoodle, party guy

OK, let’s face it. I’m what humans call an “energetic” and very social dog. I love big and little humans, other dogs, birds—you name it, I want to play with it. (Did I mention I’m also a puppy?) Despite an hour-long walk each day and lots of love and attention, my parents found they just couldn’t satisfy my need to run, play and romp (especially since I’m not trained to go off my leash yet).  And my mom and dad know how bored I got being at home by myself all day, even when they’d come home to see me at lunch. That’s when mom and dad found Doggieville. It’s been the greatest thing to happen to me! Twice a week, my mom and I commute together in the morning; she drops me off at Doggieville on her way to work, and then picks me up in the evening. While my parents are working, I get to hang out with lots of way cool humans and dogs of all shapes and sizes. We run and play all day long! The coolest part is that I get to be off leash (!) but still in a safe area where I can’t get into any trouble. When my parents pick me up, I’m so exhausted and so very happy! I smile all evening long.  In fact, every morning when my humans are getting ready for work, I stand at the garage door waiting for my mom to help me into the car so I can hurry up and get to Doggieville.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE DOGGIEVILLE!!! And so do mom and dad. They say that I’ve been much better behaved since I run around with my canine friends all day and don’t have the energy to get into trouble at night. (Plus, because my parents think I’m the most special dog in the world, they feel better knowing nice people like Chris, Ann and all of my human friends from Doggieville are taking care of me all day.) Four paws up for Doggieville!!

Elly, Pit Bull/Hound Mix, water addict

I used to hate the work week because it meant I would have to spend the day by myself in the backyard. But since my parents started taking me to Doggieville, the work week is something I look forward to! In fact, I think my parents are starting to get jealous – while they have to go to work and sit at a desk all day, I get to play with lots of other dogs, and hang out with nice people like Chris, Ann, Alex and Sara.


My parents will tell you that I am quite the character - I love attention, playtime, mischief, and more mischief, and I need a full day of mental stimulation and fun to keep me calm and smiling. In spite of my crazy antics (last week I jumped in the water bowl and splashed Alex, and the week before I out-played a 170 lb Mastiff) the staff at Doggieville loves me, and gladly invites me back to play!


During the work week, time at Doggieville is the only thing that keeps me from tearing around in circles, barking at the neighbor dog, or chasing the cat. After a fun and exhausting day at Doggieville, I come home and cuddle with Mom and Dad all night – it’s great! Mom and Dad (and the cat) agree - Doggieville rules!

Aspen, Husky, foster mama for troubled and misguided pups

Howdy y'all.  I'm a country dog from Colorado who was used to running and playing outside all day, free and off leash, until my mom and dad moved to the Bay Area.  My dad flies airplanes for the Air Force and they said we had to come here.  Moving to the Bay Area made me a little cranky, especially when mom found a full time job and couldn't be home with me all day to run and play.  We tried the dog parks in the afternoons, but after a few unpleasant experiences, I started to become defensive around other dogs.  My dad found Doggieville just in time.  He had to go away for several months and mom was feeling the added pressure of making sure I had enough exercise throughout the day.  She was doing a great job, but decided some playtime with friends was important too.  I love being at Doggieville for the human attention as well as to play mama to all the little bundles of energy.  I am no longer defensive and greet each dog I see with a smile on my walks.  Thank you Doggieville for giving my mom a break and for reminding me of my good doggie manners!

Cheyenne, Husky, dynamite in a fur coat

Don't underestimate this sweet face.  My mom constantly says she wishes she'd named me Gemini for my dual personalities: Angel and Demon.  I am a 1 1/2 year old husky who never runs out of energy and my sister, Aspen, has trouble keeping up with me.  I used to let my parents know how unhappy and bored I was by assisting them in reupholstering their couches and chairs as well as eating things not meant for consumption.  They could've kenneled me, but dad decided on Doggieville instead.  Boy, am I lucky.  I can't wait to go for playtime and frequently drag my mom from the car to the door to meet the humans who run the place.  And after a full day of playtime, I can hardly stay awake to eat my dinner.  I don't even have the energy to destroy anything the next day, which really makes the parents happy.  And when I got sick from trying to eat something at the beach and couldn't go for a couple weeks, Chris called to check up on me all the time.  I can't wait to tell all my friends what a great place Doggieville is!

Max, golden retriever, Zen master

I had a bit of a rough start in life.  I was kept caged 24 hours a day, for the first 10 months of my puppyhood.  My mom (and my angel) rescued me from that horrible situation and has cared for me ever since.  Suffice to say, because of those early experiences, she is very protective of me, and she’s a ‘tad’ more sensitive than your average doggie mom :)

The first day my Mom dropped me off at Doggieville I was a little apprehensive – I really didn’t want my Mom to leave me in an unfamiliar place.  I remember that first day, I tried to go out the door with my Mom when she was leaving; but at the same time, I also sensed I was in warm and gentle care with Chris.  I guess you might say, although I was nervous about my unfamiliar surroundings, I felt safe.


My Mom has never left me alone in an unfamiliar place…………. I simply trusted that my Mom’s love for me would keep me safe – never doubting when she entrusted me into Chris’s hands (whom by the way, I liked from the moment I sniffed and laid paws on him).


As it turned out, my Mom required a little more assurance than I did; (she said it was just like leaving a child at day care) Chris sent her photos of me playing and gave her regular updates on me while I spent my first days/weeks at Doggieville; and over time this became less and less because Mom just didn’t worry about me anymore!  She knew I was safe, well cared for and getting lots of TLC and that I’ve made lots of new friends at Doggieville!  I love Doggieville, it is so fun to play with all my canine friends, and the humans aren’t that bad either.  <wink wink>  I actually like to greet the newcomers to Doggieville and help them feel welcomed as they arrive because I remember what it was like for me; I stayed on the side lines for a while observing things and taking it all in.  Now some 3+ months later I am part of the family at Doggieville and I LOVE IT!  I can hardly wait to get to the front door with my tail wagging because I know I am in for a wonderful day!  I like to greet Chris in the morning with a big wet lick and quickly say bye to Mom – see you later, I’m ready to have fun!

The best part is…………………………….

 Mom can relax at work and devote herself to her work day and not worry about me when I’m at Doggieville.  She knows I am safe, loved and well cared for & she can check in with Chris in a heartbeat if she needs to for any reason!

 Mom doesn’t have to worry anymore about rushing home at her sporadic lunch hours to walk me & take me out to go to the bathroom – my Mom has a busy work schedule, soooooo not worrying about me is a HUGE & ENORMOUS relief for her!  She can rest easy and her heart is lighter on the days I’m at Doggieville

 Mom likes me to have a bath from time to time – she says it’s not only convenient for her but a luxury to have it all taken care of while I’m at Doggy Day Care – eases up her weekend chores and give her more time for her social calendar!

I love the groomer Sara – she is so gentle and sweet; she gave me an excellent Summer haircut!  Mom was so happy when she picked me up – I was lookin’ good and feelin’ squeaky clean from head to toe……eeeerrrrrrrrrr  ears to paws!

I have become a lot more confident and self assured, and not so timid and scared – Doggieville has helped me to grow and become the self-confident canine I am today!


Mom even told me she would love to check herself into doggy day care…….. getting tons of love, mandatory nap time, supervised play time, human companions, yummy treats who could ask for anything more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   WOOF!


Love, Max


Mikey, Pit bull/whippet mix, everyone’s favorite d.o.g.

Life is just perfect right now.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, my parents drive me all the way from Fremont just so I can hang out and play with my pals at Doggieville.  I have to say, I love going there because I get to be rambunctious and nobody scolds me for it!  Even though my parents think I can be too energetic at times, the humans and my dogs at Doggieville can vouch for me: I'm not THAT rowdy :)  But I have to admit, whenever Mikey is in the house, there is always a party!  The ladies love me; my boys are down with me; and the humans at Doggieville just can't wait until I get there!  I mean, they always get down on their knees to say “waddup.”  That must mean something!


I don’t know how the humans make it so interesting, but whenever I go, I NEVER want to leave.  There is just so much to do and too many awesome dogs to play with. Sometimes, I try to pull a quick one on mommy.  I sniff around to make it seem like I want to use the doggieroom, but I just sniff my way back to Doggieville. (Yea, I know, Mommy is not too fond of that trick). 


With all this excitement, it's no wonder my parents are in love with Doggieville. I basically collapse when I get home because I'm just spent! I can barely stay awake to watch my favorite show, "It's Me or the Dog." 


The staff there is really kind, too.  Since I am my mommy and daddy’s first dog, they always have lots of annoying questions about me.   Good thing Chris, Ann, Alex and Sara are always nice enough to answer all their questions and to be able to calm them down.  Overall, I know my mommy and daddy are ecstatic about this place.   Humans are nice, dogs are chill, and I am happy…what’s not to love?  I give Doggieville an A++.

Cody & maya, Aussie mix & border collie mix, Champion face lickers

Hey all you dogs out there, this is Cody and Maya with a tip for a great place to spend the day, night or week - have your parents take a peek at Doggieville, the best thing since sliced biscuits! Our family was looking for a good place for us to meet new friends and expend a little more of our energy. Even though we get two walks a day, including a morning romp with a bunch of pals at the park, we were definitely looking for more of a party.

The humans at Doggieville are wonderful; Chris, Ann, Alex, and Sara sure know how to have a good time. Our family even treated us to a whole weekend of fun, which included an overnight stay. Can you believe that we got to sleep on the couch with Chris?

Take our advice, and have your family check it out. You will meet a lot of nice, playful friends and feel great when you leave. We are always happy to see our parents when they come to pick us up and look forward to a relaxing evening at home. Sometimes, we can barely keep our eyes open.

Three barks for Doggieville – Hip, Hip Hooray - Awesome!

My name is Barkley, and I am a Cairn Terrier mix. My parents adopted me from the SPCA about 10 months ago. I am 1 I/2 years old, and no one knows where I spent the first year of my life. My parents are first time dog owners, and didn’t know what to make of me at first.

My first trainer told my parents that I might never be a “Starbucks dog”, and that until I was well trained, I should not be with other dogs. When going for walks I would jump around and get very nervous when we saw other dogs. I have lots of energy, and even 2 walks/day didn’t make me tired. It was lonely at home when my parents went to work.

Then my parents had to go out of town. My mother called another day care facility, and they could not give me a “try-out” until a few days before my family was to leave. In addition, they said that they could not guarantee that they would take me, because I might fail the test, since I jumped around when I saw other dogs.

My mother then recalled that she had a flyer for a new doggy day care which opened in Mountain View in early 2009, called Doggieville. She got out the flyer, called Chris, and he said to bring Barkley over the next day for a try out and a tour of Doggieville.

When we arrived at Doggieville the next day, Chris gave us a tour, and then had my mother wait in the lobby while he took me for a try-out with the other dogs. My mother was expecting the worst, based on her previous feedback about me. Within 10 minutes, Chris came out, and asked my mother if she wanted to come and see how I was doing.

Wow! My mother looked into the room, and I was happily running around the room with the other dogs! In fact, I did not want to go home with her, because I was having so much fun! She was so happy for me!

After spending 2 days in day care to get acclimated before my parents’ big trip, I spent the vacation at Doggieville, and loved it. (They call it Sleepovers). My mother was nervous about how I was adjusting when the vacation started, and so she emailed Chris. He wrote right back, and told her that I had slept well all night, was well behaved, and was having fun! My parents were greatly relieved, and could relax during the vacation, knowing that I was in good hands.

Now I go to Doggieville twice a week. My father drops me off, and my mother picks me up. On the mornings I go to Doggieville, I am very excited. When Dad gets the leash out, I know I am on my way!

I am much better around other dogs now when I am on the leash, and can even meet some dogs and say hi during my walks. I am not bored at home now, because I am at Doggieville 2 days a week, and am tired out and sleep on the days when I am at home. I can’t wait to go again for Sleepovers, and my parents have already booked me in.

The entire staff at Doggieville is excellent. They are friendly, love animals, and even have pictures of me and my doggy friends on the wall in the lobby, and on the  website. Doggieville is a lifesaver for me and my parents. Thanks to Chris, Ann, Sara and Alex.

Barkley, cairn Terrier mix, misunderstood by trainers, loved by all

Henry, Bichon Frise, AKA “Handsome Henry”

Hey there!  My name is Henry, aka "Handsome Henry", "Happy Henry", and "If I 'Sit-Down-Stay', Can I have a Cookie?" Henry.  Nice to meet you!  Will you pet my tummy now, please?  I was adopted from a bichon frise rescue network before I was 3 months old, and I have been coming to Doggieville since I was 6 months old.  If you come to check out the place, you are likely to meet me since I have a job here as a 'doggie bouncer' for potential new four-legged clients!  I get along with everyone, two or four legs, and I try to make sure that all my friends here are equally awesome.  (I do a great job, by the's so much fun here!).  I go home exhausted from playing every day, and my mom knows that I am safe and looked after..  Everything I learned about being a good doggie citizen and a sociable playmate I have learned from Chris and Sara and Alex, and I love snuggling with Lee and Nadja at night.  Anna is my awesome trainer, and Kat keeps me looking oh-so-fine for the ladies.  Kat even brushes my teeth every week so that my breath stays minty fresh!  Will you pet my tummy now, please?

I come to Doggieville five days a week, and I love boarding when my mom travels, which is a lot.  She was a very nervous owner early on, and my sister and I were her first dogs.  She needed all the help she could get, and thanks to Doggieville (and a glass of wine for Mom at night), we are now a very happy household. I'm almost 18 months old, and I am going to be a therapy dog when I get a little older.  Mom says "it takes a village"....boy oh boy, I am so happy she means Doggieville!!  And now, will you pet my tummy, please?